Apache EasyAnt 0.9-incubating released !

The Apache EasyAnt project is pleased to announce its 0.9-incubating release.

Apache Easyant is a toolbox focusing on easing project build processes.
It’s based on Apache Ant and Apache Ivy, and allows for maximum flexibily, improved integration in existing build systems and provides conventions and guidelines.

Our goals are :

  • to leverage popularity and flexibility of Ant.
  • to integrate Apache Ivy, such that the build system combines a ready-to-use dependency manager.
  • to simplify standard build types, such as building web applications, JARs etc, by providing ready to use builds.
  • to provide conventions and guidelines.
  • to make plugging-in of fresh functionalities as easy as writing Ant scripts.

To still remain adaptable,

  • Though EasyAnt comes with a lot of conventions, we never lock you in.
  • EasyAnt allows you to easily extend existing modules or create and use your own modules.
  • EasyAnt makes migration from Ant very simple. Your legacy Ant scripts could still be leveraged using EasyAnt.


Key features of this 0.9-incubating release are :

  • dynamic project lifecycle to remain even more flexible (get rid of phases in favor of extension point)
  • enhanced multimodule support
  • enhanced exception handling
  • support for offline mode
  • new command line switches and related api to list and describe targets, properties, extensionPoints and even parameters (path, filesets)
  • plugin dependencies can be overridden in module descriptors
  • a set of new ant tasks to make plugin writer life easier
  • a lighter distribution with only core plugins/buildtypes
  • online repository for others plugins/buildtypes/skeletons
  • upgrade to Apache Ant 1.8.4 and Apache Ivy 2.3.0
  • numerous bug fixes as documented in Jira and in the release notes

This is the first EasyAnt release under Apache Software Foundation.


You can download this 0.9-incubating release at:

Issues should be reported to:

More information can be found on the website:

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  1. David Roy

    Its used because of the features like flexibility,multimode support , exception handling etc… Its remain adoptable…