EasyAnt 0.8 released !

The EasyAnt project is pleased to announce its 0.8 version.

Easyant is a build system, that is based on Apache Ant and Apache Ivy.

Our goals are :

  • to leverage popularity and flexibility of Ant.
  • to integrate Apache Ivy, such that the build system combines a ready-to-use dependency manager.
  • to simplify standard build types, such as building web applications, JARs etc, by providing ready to use builds.
  • to provide conventions and guidelines.
  • to make plugging-in of fresh functionalities easy as writing simple Ant scripts as Easyant plugins.

To still remain adaptable,

  • Though Easyant comes with a lot of conventions, we never lock you in.
  • Easyant allows you to easily extend existing modules or create and use your own modules.
  • Easyant makes migration from Ant very simple. Your legacy Ant scripts could still be leveraged with Easyant.

Changelog 0.8 :


  • Feature #132: Switch to Ivy 2.2.0-rc1
  • Feature #117: Switch to ant 1.8.1
  • Feature #136: Introduce bindtarget task
    This tasks allow to change the mapping between target and phases.
  • Feature #137: Introduce findclasspath task
    This task is designed to locate the right version of a SDK (for groovy / scala, but maybe for others SDK like android etc…).
  • Feature #138: Introduce registerartifact task
    This task is in charge to register a given artifact to ivy context.
    In other words, this task is responsible of generating the right elements in the publicated module.ivy file.
  • Feature #70: Introduce a menu generator task
    This task is used by documentation plugins (like xooki) to generate menu entries
  • Feature #116: Introduce CheckResolver task to enforce plugin stability
  • Feature #124: Introduce a ant task to run an easyant build process
  • Feature #100: support for extends=info in ivy module parser
  • Feature #101: publish merged version of Ivy descriptor when using module inheritence (<extend> tag in a module.ivy file)
  • Feature #119: EasyAnt’s launch scripts now support alternative ant distribution
  • Feature #122: Simplify usage of project ivy settings (if exists use ivysettings.xml at the root level of the project)
  • Many bug fixes on core and documentation (plugin documentation now contains examples)
  • Simplify the build process of easyant core itself

Plugins :

  • Feature #94: Introduce package-test-jar plugin
  • Feature #113: Introduce maven-publication plugin
  • Feature #127: Introduce distribution plugin
  • Feature #115: Add support for integration tests
  • Feature #123: Support filterset in resources-std plugin
  • Feature #98: Support for pre-module-phases in multi module
  • Feature #128: Add a new target on skeleton plugin to choose a skeleton from a list
  • Feature #111: implement xooki menugenerator
  • Feature #92: eadoc plugin should use ant uptodate check to improve performance
  • Feature #93: add resource collection support to junit plugin
  • Feature #109: Homogenize properties referencing the main class
  • Several bugfixes on
    • skeleton
    • mannifest
    • antunit
    • ivy-provisionning

You can have further details on EasyAnt 0.8 in the release notes.

Retrieve sources from the 0.8 release files at: http://svn.easyant.org/tags/0.8/
Or download the 0.8 release files at: http://incubator.apache.org/easyant/download.cgi

More information can be found on the Easyant website: http://www.easyant.org/

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